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Our Team

Ciiku Sondergaard, Founder and Board Member

Ciiku is 4Wings’ service director whose academic background includes studies in Sociology, Criminology and Communication (University of Liverpool).

She has trained in Personal Development Coaching, Mindfullness, Family/Community Mediation and Mental Health Advocacy. Ciiku is also a qualified workshop facilitator and deliverer. One of the programmes she has designed and delivered is the WINGS Empowerment Programme- a ‘next steps’ forward facing personal development course that inspires participants, many who have traumatic pasts to discover their own strengths and be in charge of their future plans. Her personal experience was her drive to found 4Wings after she identified a gap in the after care service of abuse victims.

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Gergana (Geri) Ganeva, Creative Director

Geri is a 4Wings Director. Geri’s diverse academic background is in Philology, Psychology, Counselling, Social Work, Education, Performing and Visual Arts.

Her research interests include the areas of participation, where issues such as power inequality, marginalization, displacement, trauma and identity, are addressed. Geri’s work at 4Wings explored recovery and healing through creativity, establishing a sense of home and connectedness to others.

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Marie Claire Uwera, Managing Director

Marie Claire, a 4Wings’ managing director, has a Professional Studies Diploma in Psychopedagogy & Methodology and an Extra Mural Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling and Organisational Dynamics.

She is an experienced manager and support worker and trained in Health and Social Care for Adults. She also has a Certificate in Making a Difference Across Cultures and Group relations on Role, Creativity and Negotiation. Marie Claire overcame trauma after surviving a Rwandan Genocide & has also experienced isolation; lack of social and emotional support challenges linked to her personal immigration journey in UK.

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Keshi Makridis, Co-Founder

Keshi  is a co-founder and non executive director at 4Wings. She has studied International Business and has a masters degree in Communication and Cultural Encounters.

Keshi has experience working with vulnerable migrants and helps out in research, 4Wings’ policy writing, growth strategy and bid writing. Her interests are varied and include among others: women’s rights, migration and culture.

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Zahra Muhsin, IT Director

Zahra has MS degree in Computer-Based Information Systems (IS) from Sunderland University. She is a qualified IS expert and Website designer/developer.

She has recently received intensive training on front-end Web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, advanced styling with responsive design as well as on Python and usable security. Zahra has successfully completed and delivered numerous IS projects in the UK and abroad, thus has multicultural experience that she thoroughly enjoys. She published her research outcome on Software Engineering, Workflow Management Systems, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Applications in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences.

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Jamila, Mentee

Jamila is a mentee at 4Wings and is currently studying Art & design. She would like to be an Art Therapist in the future and use her skills in the community.- “Although I’ve faced challenges in the past, right now my life is kinda good.

I think when life is good we can live in a bubble, coming to 4Wings reminds me that there are many people facing various challenges. I also love meeting people from diverse backgrounds and feel I’m getting valuable work experience at 4wings”.

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