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Storytelling event

4Wings would like to invite you to a special event to mark the end of our storytelling project with asylum seekers and refugees. The event will be at The Brink, on Parr Street Fri 28th July from 6pm (flyer attached).
Participants will share the art work they created during the project, stories and dance.
We are proud to be based in a City of Sanctuary, come join us in welcoming those seeking refuge in our great city!
At an event at The Brink in Liverpool organised by charity 4Wings. Refugees and asylum seekers are talking about their experiences. We learn that, despite the perception of floods of refugees from Syria, just 7,000 have come to the UK since the start of the conflict several years ago. We also learn that, despite stories about people exploiting our ‘generous’ benefits system, asylum seekers are not legally allowed to work and have to survive on an allowance of just £35 a week. They may have to travel into town to ‘check in’ with the authorities or to meet others for support. A return bus ride is more than £3. It means that some days there will be a choice between travel and food. — at Brink Liverpool.

4Wings’ event marking the end of the storytelling project with asylum seekers & refugees went well in spite of poor weather. Thanks to all participants for being brave enough to share, to all that attended + to #TheBrink for the space & amazing food.

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