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Update and actions on asylum support letter

Dear all,
You may have seen the announcement this afternoon by Chris Philip (Parliamentary Under Secretary, Home Office) has made an announcement saying that as of 15 June asylum support rates will be increased from £37.75 a week to £39.60.
This meagre increase ( £1.85 a week – 26 pence a day) leaves asylum support rates wholly inadequate to cover the needs of people seeking asylum in normal times, let alone during a global pandemic.
4Wings has cosigned an open letter (by Asylum Matters) to the Home Secretary expressing deep disappointment with the decision, and demand further action to increase asylum support rates.
4Wings signed the letter because we believe it’s important that this quickly shows the depth of feeling at local level about this paltry increase .
Refugee Action has posted this thread on Twitter that visually highlights how little can be bought for 26p, including how long someone would need to save up their extra 26p to buy face masks. For more on this letter, go to Asylum Matters.
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