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Wings Program

The Wings Program: Personal Development Workshops (Tuesdays)

Have you been a victim of abuse or experienced a trauma and want to move on? Do you wake up dreading the day? Do you feel discouraged with what you have accomplished in life? Would you like to make new friends?

We run free creative workshops & one on one personal coaching throughout the year. Come join us! If you would like to join, or just simply have a chat please contact us on 01513066524 or alternatively email us at

32-36 Gostins Building, 2nd Floor, L1 4LN

– Group coaching
– Personal Development
– Support network (Coffee mornings)
– Drop in sessions
– Creative workshops (art, dance, poetry, music)
– Fitness Classes

The Wings Programme is tailored specifically for socially isolated women that have suffered abuse and trauma and who want to rebuild their lives, make new friends and improve self esteem.

This week on the WINGS Programme we looked at planning, setting & achieving goals. We discussed the importance of starting with small, short term achievable goals and developing these into bigger, longer term goals. #goals #selfefficacy #personaldevelopment

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