Creative English Group

May 30, 2021 Projects

Free Creative English Programme

– Improve your English and employability skills.
– Meet new people including prospective employers.
– Build your confidence.
– Learn about and explore the city of Liverpool.
– Look at your employment and volunteering options.

English session today was about Liverpool- our beautiful city- its iconic buildings & cultural spaces. Following that, a ‘Scouser’ came in to teach us local lingo, then we went out to explore Liverpool starting with Radio City Tower/St John’s beacon. Amazing views, lots of fun!

Yesterday we continued our session on the masks we wear, how important it is to be our authentic selves so we have authentic friends who are in our lives in spite of our faults. It was a very deep session. The group agreed not to take for granted the authentic people in our lives and to be grateful for at least one thing on a daily basis.