All of 4Wings’ projects have been designed and facilitated with a view of advocating on behalf of our members and aiming to respond to their most imminent needs.

Integrating programmes using non formal, and creative methods to engage with women and we forward facing in a project to support women taking the next steps to be self-sufficient to get volunteering, education, and work Through our programmes and activities, we aim to:

  • Reduced social isolation
  • Development and increase of social, communication, and presentation skills
  • Development of a community of support for women and girls, including those housebound who can only connect with the outside world through social media
  • A sense of belonging and connectedness, strengthening communities
  • Learning practical and transferable work skills gives them the confidence to take the next step to be self-sufficient to work, volunteer or peruse an education.
  • Increase self-esteem, and self-confidence and improve resilience.
  • Increase in civic participation and engagement.
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