Media Literacy Project

Starting Wednesday 14th, January 2022 and lasting for 12 sessions

In this project you will learn:

  • Basic computer skills.
  • How to protect privacy and anonymity online.
  • Safe navigation of the internet.
  • Understanding, analysing, and evaluating scams, fake news, disinformation, and online grooming.
  • How to supervise and ensure your kids’ safety online.

As part of  Media Literacy Pogramme, Constables Wendy 6491, Sewoo 5443, and Sung 6230. representing Community Engagement Unit and Neighbourhood Policing/Merseyside area were invited to 4Wings office to talk about their jobs and what they do in their units, as well as to inform the ladies on how to reach out to the police, and how to respond to a hate crime.

They addressed all attendees’ inquiries regarding the process of reporting hate crimes and scams, as well as methods to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from such issues.

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Really useful course I learned about how to make strong passwords, how to check if this news is fake or true, learned about spam, fake sites, so I am very careful about all these things online now.
I have changed my passwords and now all are different, and now I verify first about any news or offers online.
I have learnt so much on this course, I have learnt to check if the website is fake or not. I have learnt how to verify safe content, I learnt about cookies which was so confusing to me, I learnt how to create passwords that cannot easily broken.


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